Mood Disorders

All posts related to mood disorders, in particular depression and hypomania.

Mood crashing, and the ED creeping in.

Not Enough
Being warned about the consequences of ED behaviours, and struggling with depression.

The Pain Inside
Struggling with depression, and remembering an Avril Lavigne song that resonated with me.

F It
Struggling with depression, self-harm, and the eating disorder.

Hitting Hard
Struggling with a severe episode of depression

Expanding My Support
Exploring options for increased support, and feeling amazing (hypomanic!) on an SSRI.

Looking Up.
The lessening of hypomania, and easing of depression after re-trying an SSRI.

More Excuses
Severe dissociation, unstable mood, and general chaos.

Hypomanic… Again.
Not coping with SSRI induced hypomania.

Mental Illness, Stigma & Being Treated Differently
Diagnostic labels are not a person. A person is always much more than a diagnosis.

R U OK Day
All about encouraging honest conversation about the hard stuff. It’s okay not to be okay. It’s okay to talk about it.

The “Better Access to Mental Health Care” Initiative and why 10 Sessions is Not Enough
Exploring government funded mental health care in Australia, and the downfalls of the current system.

Holding it Together
Beginning to struggle with the ED, and depression again, but still trying to smile and be okay.

Something to be Learnt
Learning something from all experiences, even the more negative ones.

A Gratitude Journal and Positivity for the Year Ahead
About using a gratitude journal, and my own examples.

Feeling Content with Life
Reflecting on the improvements I’ve made – better mood, less internal chaos, benefits of a psych hospital admission, and learning to manage ME/CFS.

Awareness, Insight, Determination, & Choices
Making choices about thinking and self-talk, and how to react appropriately to difficult situations.

The Body Deserves Respect
Realising that our body needs, and deserves respect.

Behind the Facade (and a note to myself)
The image I present to the world, and how I often feel inside.

Holding On
A break from therapy, but struggling with mood and dissociation

Listening is a Powerful Thing
The gift you give a loved one when you really listen to them, and sit with whatever they may be going through.

It Feels Like Failure
Struggling with safety, and heading back to hospital.

“I Know You Hate Me”
Our GP has limited our access to medication, and we’re incredibly grateful for the support our team continues to provide.

I’m Meant To Be Packing
Packing and preparing for our second hospital admission for 2015.

I’m Not Depressed
Home from my second hospital admission of 2015, and feeling much, much better.

What Are Your Warning Signs?
Relapse prevention and my personal warning signs for eating disorders, depression, hypomania, and dissociation.

The Monotony of Self-care
Day in, day out. Doing the same things each day to manage my physical and emotional health. Day after day after day.

Can One Alter In A DID System Have A Mood Disorder?
Attempting to explore whether it’s possible for one alter/or part of a DID system to have a mood disorder, but not the others. In our case this appears to be what’s happening.

Do You Ever Feel Invisible?
Noticing the warning signs of Depression creeping back in.

Shit Has Hit The Fan
Depression, secrecy, guilt, shame, and all the unhelpful behaviours I could resort to. Not a proud moment.


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