I’m Meant To Be Packing

Yesterday I received a phone call from the hospital my psychiatrist is based at. I now have an admission date and time. Early next week I’ll be going into hospital for two to three weeks.

I’m doubtful of how helpful it will be, but perhaps my opinion is being influenced by the pit of doom (aka depression) I’m in. I’ll be safe, and, at the very least, my friends and treating team can breathe a sigh of relief. Who knows, maybe I’ll find it helpful too.

Right now I should be packing. Instead I’m in bed with a horrendous headache that Panadeine Forte and Ibuprofen are failing to tame. The Panadeine Forte makes me drowsy, so my evening is not going to be productive.

I have a small pile of things that are ready to pack. I still need to wash and pack clothes, bathroom stuff, and my laptop. I’ll be taking our weighted blanket, a fluffy, purple blanket we usually keen on our bed, our foam mattress topper (purple bag in the photo), and a pillow.


Our own bedding is very important whenever we’re away from home. The weighted blanket helps enormously with anxiety and flashbacks. The fluffy, purple blanket i s warm, safe, and comforting. The foam mattress topper makes any bed we have to sleep on much more comfortable, and reduces pain associated with our ME/CFS (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome).

Clothing won’t take up an enormous amount of space. What takes up most space are all the things we use for entertainment or distraction. Our laptop, kids colouring book, an adult colouring book, logic puzzle book, adult dot-to-dot (1000 dots!) book. Then pencils, textas, paper, scissors, glue for artwork and journalling.

A small, plastic grocery store bag will hold all our medications and supplements. We take six different supplements, and two medications each day. Then there’s all the pain medications we take as needed. All of these will be taken from me when I’m admitted, dispensed by nursing staff, and only returned when I’m discharged.

There may not be any posts for a few weeks. Writing here will depend on how I’m feeling, how much energy I have, and my ability to put thoughts into words.

If there’s anything you can think of that you’d like me to write about, I welcome the ideas. Anything related to mental health, dissociation, trauma, DID, or even ME/CFS. Leave a comment or send me an email.


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