The Committee

This is a very brief introduction to our system, just to make it a little less confusing when I’m discussing different alters/parts. I don’t use names here in an effort to preserve our privacy.

My own introduction is on the “About” page. That is me. This page is about everyone else!

Miss 3A – a scared, traumatised young girl who’s learning to find her voice.
[Picture to come]

Miss 3C – a terrified young girl who’s still too scared to speak.
[Picture to come]

Miss 4 – a shy but sweet little one.

Miss 5 – a cheeky (can you tell from the smile?) young girl. She’s learnt a lot and appears to be much older and wiser than her five years.

Miss 7 – a very shy, withdrawn and nervous girl. She hides inside a cupboard to feel safe.

Master 8 – appears to be quite shy and withdrawn and spends time with Master 10.

Master 10 – a very hurt young man that comes across as angry and violent. He’s a kind boy underneath it all.

Miss 12G – A very anxious, very vulnerable young lady. She’s often bullied into submission by our young man in his late teens.

Miss 12E – Another quiet young lady, but one who did not experience trauma.
[Picture to come]

Miss 14 – A silent young lady who only communicates through collages.
[Picture to come]

Miss 16 – an awesome teenager with attitude! Her attitude and determination are admired within the system.

Our young man in his late teens – We’ve never known an age for this guy. He comes across as incredibly angry and aggressive, but isn’t so bad underneath it all.

Miss 19 – a quiet but respectable young lady who’s been through a lot. She’s made a lot of effort to change and be more helpful within the system.

Miss 22 – A previously silent observer created to help Life As A Committee function.
[Picture to come]

Miss mid twenties – has chosen to age with the body and has a maternal role within the system.

Mr mid twenties – also ageing with the body and has a bit of a paternal role within the system. At one stage he was in charge or organising day-to-day things in our life, but generally isn’t required for this anymore.


10 thoughts on “The Committee

  1. Hello..i’ve just come across your blog tonight and i’ve started following, hope that is ok? It’s good to meet you all, i’m still learning about ‘us’ and when i read blogs like yours they fill me with so much hope

  2. Thank you so much for sharing a little of yourselves, I work as a psychotherapist and have 3 people I see with DID I also have a number of friends and a family member. I have done my best to explain alters to our children and they have been openly exposed to life with DID but this will be a helpful insight for them. Thanks again for sharing

    • I’m glad it’s useful. There is a book I’ve seen online that explains DID for kids. If you haven’t seen it let me know and I’ll find it for you.

  3. Hi, I only just recently got diagnosed with D.I.D after years of symptoms (and therapists who don’t believe D.I.D to be real). I love reading your posts and as a girl also in her 20s suffering from the disorder as well as ED and such it really helps me feel like I am not alone in this. I also have around 11 alters (with one who has her own two alters as I like to think of them). Your blog has really helped me since I was diagnosed and I just wanted to thank you for sharing what you have. You can be sure to see my comments more often and inquires, hope you don’t mind.


  4. Hi, I’m currently doing a research paper on DID and I’m glad that I came across your blog. Your blog gave me a deeper understanding on DID and hoping that I can do the same with others, even now, few are still reluctant to believe that DID is a real disorder. Thanks fro sharing and shedding some light on what it really is like 🙂

    • I’m so glad you found it helpful!

      There’s a (hopefully growing) community of professionals who believe and understand DID. They’re doing all they can to pass on this knowledge, but there are always going to be people who won’t believe it.

      I’m happy to answer any questions you have if that helps with your research.

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