Rules for a DID System

Is there a need for rules within a Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) system? We think so. Until very recently we didn’t have any specific rules. Things didn’t work very well. A lot of us were unsure of what was okay and allowed, and what wasn’t.

Whilst in hospital in May/June this year we came up with a set of rules. We’re slowly adding to, and tweaking the rules so they work better, and cover all situations.

We found it important, and useful to have rules covering all situations. This means that we all know what’s required of us when we’re out. Miss 19 has an eating disorder, and generally won’t eat if she’s out, but she knows that’s against the rules, so she’ll go back inside at meal times and allow someone else to eat.

All names have been changed to maintain our anonymity. I’ve chosen to call myself ‘Life As A Committee’ instead of my real name. Friends, therapist’s, and psychiatrist’s names have also been changed. To see who we all are you can check out The Committee. We’re yet to update the page with pictures and descriptions of everyone. There are several parts (Miss x, Miss y, Miss 14, and Miss 22), maybe more, who we need to find photos for.

Life as a Committee System Rules

  • Miss 4, Miss 5, Miss 7, Master 8, Master 10, Miss 12, Miss 14, Miss 19, Miss x (unknown), and Miss y (unknown) may only talk to [therapist], [psychiatrist], or [trusted friend]
  • [Life As A Committee] may talk to anyone
  • Miss 16, Mr. Late Teens, Miss 22, Mr. Mid-twenties, and Miss Mid-twenties may talk to [therapist], [psychiatrist], [Friend A], [Friend B], [Friend C], [Friend D], and [Friend E]
  • Everyone is allowed to express themselves via writing, drawing, or talking, but only to the specific people mentioned above.
  • Everyone must pretend to be [Life As A Committee] (or find someone who can) when in the presence of anyone not mentioned above.
  • Only [Life As A Committee] and Mr. Mid-twenties can buy things. Everyone else must ask [Life As A Committee] or Mr. Mid-twenties for permission before buying anything.
  • Everyone is allowed to talk about any bad things they remember, but only to [therapist], [psychiatrist], or [trusted friend].
  • Everyone needs to look after the body when they’re out. This includes eating enough, drinking enough, and avoiding self-harm of any kind. Because we have CFS everyone needs to try to do quiet things that won’t cause the body pain.
  • No one is to leave the house without permission from Mr. Mid-twenties or [Life As A Committee].
  • If anyone under 16 is present and outside of our bedroom they must be supervised by someone inside 16 or over.
  • Work or appointments must be attended by parts able to get there, and able to do the job. Who those parts are is still to be decided.
  • Self-harm is forbidden because it hurts everyone.
  • Everyone has permission to tell someone outside if someone inside is going to self-harm or suicide.
  • These rules can be revised, changed, or added to in the future, but all changes must be approved by Mr. Mid-twenties.

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