All posts related to trauma.



Sleeping in the Wardrobe, Cheer Bear, and Misty.
Flashbacks, chaos, sleeping in the wardrobe to feel safe, and the comfort of soft toys.

More Excuses
Severe dissociation, unstable mood, and general chaos.

Rehashing the Past – Is it Necessary?
Do you need to talk through every single detail of traumatic events?

Grief for Something I Never Had
Grieving for the family I never had.

The Terror of Physical Touch
Exploring the negative associations of touch.

Medic Alert for Mental Illness
The use of Medic Alert (or similar bracelets) for people with mental illness.

Happy Birthday to Me
Reflecting on life as it is, and the trauma associated with my birthday.

Happy Father’s Day
Mourning the loss of the father I never had, and reflecting on how Father’s Day should be.

Weighted Blankets for PTSD and DID
Discusses the use of weighted blankets for people with PTSD and/or DID.

Weighted Blankets for PTSD and DID – A Review
Reviewing the benefits and effectiveness of using weighted blankets for people with a trauma history.

The “Better Access to Mental Health Care” Initiative and why 10 Sessions is Not Enough
Exploring government funded mental health care, and the downfalls of the current system.

The Inside of a Flashback & How to Cope
Explores what flashbacks are, as well as how to cope including grounding and self-soothing skills.

Unhelpful Core Beliefs as a Result of Childhood Trauma
Exploring my own core beliefs and the role childhood trauma plays in that.

It Feels Like Failure
Struggling with safety, and heading back to hospital.

Weighted Blankets For PTSD and DID: Three Years On
A follow up to my previous posts about our weighted blankets, and how we use them for grounding, and lessening anxiety and dissociative symptoms.

Mini Flashbacks
Briefly discusses the flashbacks we experience as elements of an event, rather than re-experiencing the entire event, as well as needing to use a nightlight in order to fall asleep.

Sitting with the sadness of a traumatic childhood, and no longer running from it.

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