Hypomanic… Again.

Oh my goodness! I was awake at 5:30am… wide awake despite being physically exhausted. My brain woke up and is all go.

Tidy your room. Fix your squeaky bed. Clean out the fish tank. Research Cupramine and maintaining copper levels in the tank. Finish your jewellery box. Tidy EVERYTHING. Clean out the wardrobe some more. Sort out old uni books to sell/give away. Tidy, tidy, tidy!

My response – screw this. Seriously, screw this. I’ve had enough. I’m sick of the ups and downs. Although, the downs have not been to the point of being suicidal, they’re still not nice. The hypomania is wearing me out. I’m already exhausted – I can not keep going!

I’ve decided to come off the Prozac. I’ve halved my dose again, now it’s only 5mg which is a tiny, tiny dose. I do worry that coming off it completely will leave me feeling very low, suicidal and unsafe, but I can not handle the hypomania any longer.

I’m going to call my psych registrar this morning and discuss it with her, but I’m done. Had enough. Shortly I’ll take some seroquel and hopefully that will slow my brain a little. I won’t hope for sleep, that’s a bit ambitious, but slower would be very much appreciated!


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