Posts related to therapy.

Eight Years of Therapy & Many Professionals Later…
Compiling a list of all the health professionals I’ve seen over the years.

Parts/alters not recognising the body.

I Don’t Know
What “I don’t know” really means.

Expanding My Support
Exploring options for increased support, and feeling amazing on an SSRI.

Rehashing the Past – Is it Necessary?
Do you need to talk through every single detail of traumatic events?

Weighted Blankets for PTSD and DID
Discusses the use of weighted blankets for people with PTSD and/or DID.

Just Being
Touching on mindfulness and focussing on being in the moment.

Mental Illness, Stigma & Being Treated Differently
Diagnostic labels are not a person. A person is always much more than a diagnosis.

Weighted Blankets for PTSD and DID – A Review
Reviewing the benefits and effectiveness of using weighted blankets for people with a trauma history.

Something to be Learnt
Learning something from all experiences, even the more negative ones.

A Gratitude Journal and Positivity for the Year Ahead
About using a gratitude journal, and my own examples.

The Inside of a Flashback & How to Cope
Explores what flashbacks are, as well as how to cope including grounding and self-soothing skills.

The Chaos of a Dissociative Disorder
Having DID and losing time, and the chaos, uncertainty, and self-doubt that causes.

Feeling Content with Life
Reflecting on the improvements I’ve made – better mood, less internal chaos, benefits of a psych hospital admission, and learning to manage ME/CFS.

Awareness, Insight, Determination, & Choices
Making choices about thinking and self-talk, and how to react appropriately to difficult situations.

Holding On
A break from therapy, but struggling with mood and dissociation

Listening is a Powerful Thing
The gift you give a loved one when you really listen to them, and sit with whatever they may be going through.

Home From Hospital and Still Journalling
Reflections on our recent hospital admission, and the benefits of journalling.

No One Tells You How Hard It Will Be
Struggling with being at home after a month long psychiatric hospital admission.

Why I Will Tell You That I’ve Been in Hospital
How I’ve been explaining my recent absence (hospital admission) to work colleagues, and why I like to explain it.

Rules for a DID system
The system rules we created, and try to stick to, so that life runs more smoothly.

It Feels Like Failure
Struggling with safety, and heading back to hospital.

“I Know You Hate Me”
Our GP has limited our access to medication, and we’re incredibly grateful for the support our team continues to provide.

I’m Meant To Be Packing
Packing and preparing for our second hospital admission for 2015.

What Are Your Warning Signs?
Relapse prevention and my personal warning signs for eating disorders, depression, hypomania, and dissociation.

And Now They Know
Another ED relapse, and telling my family the truth about it.

The Eating Disorder Voice
The inside of an eating disorder, and the nastiness of the ED voice.

Christmas: It’s Okay To Be Sad
Feeling sad about spending Christmas in a psychiatric hospital during an eating disorder relapse, but content and comfortable with the plans I’ve made for the holiday.

Understanding, Compassion, and Respect
What would I do if I believed I deserved understanding, compassion and respect? How could that change the choices I make, and the direction I choose for my life?

The Monotony of Self-care
Day in, day out. Doing the same things each day to manage my physical and emotional health. Day after day after day.

Please Don’t Give In To My Anxiety
A call to those that know me to not give in to my anxiety by trying to make things easier for me. Discusses CBT based worksheets, grounding skills, distractions, and self-soothing.

Weighted Blankets For PTSD and DID: Three Years On
A follow up to my previous posts about our weighted blankets, and how we use them for grounding, and lessening anxiety and dissociative symptoms.

What Did We Do In Hospital?
A neat little summary of everything we achieved during our June 2016 hospital admission.

New Year’s Goals
Resolutions vs. goals, and an example of our own goal setting for 2017.

Our Sensory Toys
A quick look at the range of sensory toys we have. From weighted blankets and toys, to textured fidget toys.

Reaching a saddening, frustrating, and far too familiar point in therapy again. Overwhelming emotions, flashbacks, and chaos, and so much fear, and anxiety, that working on it outpatient has become almost impossible.

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