Eating Disorder

Posts related to eating disorders.

Lots of Little Things

Trying to lose weight, and be ‘healthy’ without relapsing.

The Reality
Using emotions the fuel ED behaviours, and the impact DID issues has on the Eating Disorder.

Pure Revoltion
Desperately wanting to dive into the ED in hope of relief from the emotional pain inside.

Mood crashing, and the ED creeping in.

The Consequences
The slippery slope down to an ED relapse.

Not Enough
Being warned about the consequences of ED behaviours, and struggling with depression.

Supporting Someone with an Eating Disorder
What I’ve found helpful (and harmful) from others when I’m struggling with the ED.

Just a Little Unwell
Decreased kidney function as a result of dehydration related to the Eating Disorder.

F It
Struggling with depression, self-harm, and the eating disorder.

Mental Illness, Stigma & Being Treated Differently
Diagnostic labels are not a person. A person is always much more than a diagnosis.

…and the Battle Continues.
Contemplating the eight years since I was diagnosed with an Eating Disorder.

Holding it Together
Beginning to struggle with the ED, and depression again, but still trying to smile and be okay.

My Body is Kicking My Butt
2012 ED relapse

Unhelpful Core Beliefs as a Result of Childhood Trauma
Exploring my own core beliefs and the role childhood trauma plays in that.

Is it really a relapse if you didn’t recover to begin with?
Heading towards a relapse and contemplating what ‘recovery’ actually is.

The Body Deserves Respect
Realising that our body needs, and deserves respect.

“I know you don’t mean to be doing this.”
2013 ED relapse, but my GP helps to ease the guilt

All I Want for Christmas Is…
The ED relapse continues, and uncertain Christmas plans that may include a hospital admission.

Listening is a Powerful Thing
The gift you give a loved one when you really listen to them, and sit with whatever they may be going through.

And Now They Know
Another ED relapse, and telling my family the truth about it.

The Eating Disorder Voice
The inside of an eating disorder, and the nastiness of the ED voice.

“Was there any reason you haven’t placed an order?”
The real reason I haven’t been ordering or going grocery shopping.

Christmas: It’s Okay To Be Sad
Feeling sad about spending Christmas in a psychiatric hospital during an eating disorder relapse, but content and comfortable with the plans I’ve made for the holiday.

Understanding, Compassion, and Respect
What would I do if I believed I deserved understanding, compassion and respect? How could that change the choices I make, and the direction I choose for my life?

Shit Has Hit The Fan
Depression, secrecy, guilt, shame, and all the unhelpful behaviours I could resort to. Not a proud moment.


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