How To Wash Your Weighted Blanket

How do you wash your 8kg (~17.5 pounds) weighted blanket with rather delicate (not washing machine friendly) fiddle tags attached?

Wait for a really hot day. Somewhere around 38˚C  (100.4˚F) should do. Make sure you start early in the day so you don’t end up sweat soaked from all the effort.

Hang your weighted blanket on the washing line. I chose the edge – a thick steel bar that would take the weight of the blanket. Then carefully poured laundry liquid over the blanket, and began hosing with cold water!

This was the fun part! I got wet doing it, but being 25˚C (77˚F) at 8am I didn’t mind. I hosed the blanket until there were no more bubbles. Weighted_Blanket_Dissociation_Dissociative_Identity_Disorder_DID_Trauma_Washing_Fiddle_Tags_Distress_Tolerance_Coping_Skills_Mechanisms_Grounding_Skills


I’m not sure how long it will take to dry, but given the heat it won’t be long!


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