It Was A Good Year

‘Thank goodness 2016 is over!’

I’ve heard this, and similar sentiments in the last few weeks. Many people I know have had difficult, sad, painful, overwhelming, or otherwise crap years.

I haven’t.

I spent a total of six weeks in hospital. Definitely not a highlight of the year, but incredibly helpful and worth every moment (and  every cent I pay for health insurance).

My amazing, knowledgeable, kind, compassionate psychologist retired mid year. That was sad and painful. Then five months on the counsellor who’d agreed to work with me called it quits whilst I was in hospital. Utterly shit. Positive side is that my psychiatrist, who I’ve only ever seen a few times each year, offered to see me regularly for the next 6-12 months. It’s worked out well.

I got to spend much more time with my family. They made the effort several times to visit me (I live perhaps a 30 minute drive from them) so I could spend time with them. I’ve been able to continue watching my nieces/nephews grow up.

I learnt to crochet! It’s something I didn’t think I could do, but I taught myself with video tutorials. I’ve made a small octopus for myself, and am making a rattle/soft toy for a niece/nephew.

I finally bought Chromecast! It’s made watching online shows so much easier, and it’s much easier than watching Netflix through the Wii.

DID wise we’ve done a lot. We’re closer than we’ve ever been and parts are closer to integrating than they’ve ever been. We’re learning lots about ourselves and how to work together. We’ve worked through a lot of trauma and have some elements of it quite firmly in the past.

My mood has been relatively stable this year as well. A few glitches, but generally good. It’s nice to not be depressed or hypomanic. Just boring, ordinary, stable. When my mood starts deviating from boring middle ground that’s healthy and good (still boring!) I pick it up quickly and can get back on track easily.

Parts of it have been hard, challenging, painful, emotional, and overwhelming, but I’m leaving 2016 with a good feeling, and looking forward to 2017.




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