Merry Christmas from Life As A Committee

Merry Christmas to you all!

It’s a toasty 37˚C here in Melbourne today. A very warm Christmas Day!

We started the day by opening a Secret Santa gift we’ve had sitting under the tree for weeks! It was a lovely surprise and full of goodies we’ll enjoy. Christmas_Alone_On_Own_Mental_Illness_DID_Trauma_Eating_Disorder_Feast_Choice_Choose_Present_Gift_Secret_Santa_Chris_Kringle
Then we cooked our Christmas feast early, and ate at 11am to avoid having the oven on during the hottest part of the day. It was absolutely delicious! We ate until we couldn’t possibly fit more in, then put all the leftover in the fridge. We have so much food!


Vegan Christmas Feast: Holiday Roast, steamed veggies, roast potatoes, pumpkin, and shallots.

We’ve had a post-Christmas-lunch nap. All done before our bedroom is too hot to sleep in. Now we’re comfortable on the couch with the horrendously noisy air conditioner on. Despite the noise, I’m grateful for the cool air it continues to blow into the room. It makes summer tolerable!

There’s still Christmas pudding, jelly, ice cream (all vegan!), and fruit to munch on, and soft drink, iced tea, and alcohol (if we choose) to wash it down with.

It’s quite different to Christmas last year. Last year I was in a psychiatric hospital because of an eating disorder relapse. It was crap. Away from home, away from Christmas traditions, away from loved ones. I needed the help, but it’s not something I’d wish on anyone. Christmas in hospital last year was one of the loneliest Christmases I’ve ever had.

This year it’s okay. I’ve made the day as special as I wanted it to be. The excitement and joy are a little lacking, but that’s okay. Quiet Christmases can be like that.

I know Christmas time can be hard for many people, and for many reasons. If you’re struggling please know that you’re not alone. You won’t be the only one faking a smile, or hiding in a room alone to cry, breathe, or hurriedly text or call a friend for support. If you need someone to talk to (and you’re in Australia) please check out my ‘Need Help?‘ page.


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