Switching Isn’t Always Bad

We’ve been switching a lot recently. Multiple times a day on our ‘busiest’ days, and once or twice on the quieter days. Some nurses (we’re currently in a psychiatric hospital) don’t appear to be very comfortable with this.

This evening Miss 7 was out and had a conversation with our nurse. There was nothing particularly interesting about the conversation until the nurse asked Miss 7 how to get me, Life As A Committee, to come back.

Miss 7 said she didn’t know, but that I’d come back if they needed me. She also said I was tired and that was why I went back inside. I’d also ducked back in to give everyone else some space to write, draw, or otherwise express themselves.

One day another nurse expressed concern about me wanting to switch because of some uncomfortable feelings. It turns out those feelings were seeping through from Miss 19, and switching with her allowed her the time and space to do some journalling, and write a poem. Having the space to express herself eased the uncomfortable feelings, and when she was done I came back.

Please hear me when I say this: Switching isn’t always a bad thing. It’s certainly going to be of concern if a part/alter comes out who is suicidal or otherwise unsafe. That’s not an issue for us at this point in time.

Being able to switch so freely here means we’ve gotten a lot of work done with lots of different parts. Perhaps some nurses are uncomfortable talking to parts/alters, or perhaps they’ve been misinformed, but switching isn’t bad!

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