An Update

We’ve been busy again. Busy and quite unwell. The last two months have been filled with more medical appointments than I care to count, a rent inspection, multiple family gatherings, and a return to regular work hours. Oh, and throw in trialling a new medication.

I’ve been exhausted. Beyond exhausted. So physically unwell that I’ve curled up in bed and just sobbed. All of my ME/CFS symptoms flared up. I think I’ve turned a corner and am slowly improving, but the smallest overexertion will have me back in bed unable to do anything.

There’s been plenty of chaos inside due to trauma anniversaries, and contact from family members who I choose not to have contact with, but who still insist on occasionally contacting me. Blocked numbers can leave voicemails, damn it.

Trying to manage both mental and physical health is an enormous job. Be patient with me. I’m still here and do intend to get back to writing regularly. I’ve got multiple draft posts saved. All of those are about things we worked on or discovered in hospital back in June (that’s how behind I am now!).

Resting, resting, and more resting. That’s all I have planned. In between my weekly shift at work, and an appointment with my psychiatrist, and a ‘crafternoon’ with friends.


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