Problematic Dissociation

Sometimes dissociating is okay. Sometimes it lets us function as well as possible at that point in time. But sometimes it’s not helpful. It’s scary, overwhelming, and gets us into difficult situations.

The time Miss 5 came out after I’d finished working and bought all the lollies, chocolates, and biscuits she could carry.

The time Miss 7 quietly lay on her stomach on our bed watching cartoons on our laptop, kicking her feet in the air.

The time Miss 16 decided that we weren’t to have contact with certain people in our life, and patiently explained that to younger parts.

Those are all sweet, amusing, and generally remembered with fondness. There’s another, more unpleasant, side to all of it though.

The time Miss 19 spent hundreds of dollars on adult websites over eighteen months without my knowledge.

The numerous times Miss 12 has been out and ‘frozen’. Anxious and terrified until she’s been able to get back inside.

The time Mr 14 was so scared of something that he overdosed on medication.

The time Miss 12 thought that, because other parts self-harmed, that that was what you do when you don’t  feel good.

Those times aren’t so nice. They can be scary and overwhelming, and can have some quite serious consequences.



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