‘Where have you been?’

‘I haven’t seen you for so long! Where have you been?’

I lost count of the number of times my colleagues asked me this yesterday. It was my second shift back at work in as many weeks. My colleagues can be forgiven for not having seen me. I’m able to work only a small number of hours each week, and my roster changes each week. Often we miss each other because of different shifts.

Where have I been?

Back and forth between healthcare appointments, with the remainder of my time generally spent at home resting. During the peak of the health chaos I’d been to four different hospitals in seven days. Then there were the follow up appointments with my regular healthcare team, as well as specialists. I’m still waiting on two more outpatient specialist appointments, but things have quietened down.

It was very scary and stressful having a potential new health issue come out of nowhere. I’d been feeling my usual ME/CFS symptoms – worn out and sore. I was told the condition I may have could cause serious complications if left untreated, and researching the prognosis online did not help. Thankfully further tests have revealed that it’s unlikely I have the condition. I have further tests and follow up later in the year.

Then (because there’s always more!) my mood spiraled upwards into hypomania. Whilst that’s been fun, entertaining, and refreshing, it’s also destroyed my budget, strained some friendships, and physically worn me out. ME/CFS and Bipolar II are an utterly ridiculous combination, and the hypomania has been more difficult to manage this time.

As for The Committee there have been quite a few changes since our hospital admission over Christmas. Nothing hugely noticeable to anyone on the outside, but some significant shifts inside. Attitudes have changes, and we’re more focussed on working as a team than ever before.

I’m hoping (and crossing my fingers and toes) that I’ll be able to get back to writing more regularly now, but please be patient with us.

3 thoughts on “‘Where have you been?’

  1. I’m so excited you posted! I never mind waiting for posts, because if you need to rest than that’s what I hope you’re doing. But I do look forward to your posts. I’m sorry to hear that you’re dealing with scary health developments. I hope the internal changes are positive. Take care.

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