“Was there any reason you haven’t placed an order?”

I had someone from the online grocery retailer I use call me this afternoon. This man wanted to check that I was happy with the service, and wanted to offer me 10% off my order for six weeks, as well as asking why I hadn’t placed an order.

I told this man that I’d been away. Apparently that’s a plausible excuse for not placing an order in quite a while. He offered me another promotion. Some kind of membership that would entitle me to a percentage off my weekly shop if I bought it.

Why haven’t I placed an order? We all know that. Fruit and vegetables were either eaten, or thrown out some time ago. Any binge food has already been eaten. The only food remaining is generally unappetising or off limits because it belongs to my housemate.

I haven’t done a proper grocery shop in a while. My latest order consisted of a carton of soft-drink, alcohol, other soft drink, and toilet paper. Oh, and ingredients for making fruit mince pies for my family.

I’m in the middle of an eating disorder (ED) relapse and can’t remember the last time I bought proper food. “I’ve been away” is a) much more appropriate to tell a stranger and b) easier to explain.


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