We’re Not Broken or Damaged

Recently someone asked me is some of my parts were ‘damaged’.

I know that the question wasn’t meant to be critical or offensive, but, deep down, it kind of was. I understand what was meant by the question. What was meant, I think, was more along the lines of whether the parts/alters in question were created through trauma or held trauma memories.

I responded to the question politely, and answered the question that I thought was being asked.

I’ve referred to myself or others inside as broken, damaged, and messed up. There may be grains of truth in there somewhere, but honestly, we’re far from broken or damaged.

We survived. Splitting into so many different parts meant that we survived some horrible experiences. It definitely causes problems now – old coping mechanisms tend to be more destructive than constructive. We’re working on that. Emphasis on ‘we’.

Please don’t ask someone with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) if they or their parts are broken or damaged. A nicer way of phrasing it would be to ask if any parts were created through trauma, or hold trauma memories.


2 thoughts on “We’re Not Broken or Damaged

  1. “Broken” or “damaged” both have such negative connotations to them, don’t they? Kind of like when a toy is broken and is therefore no good anymore.

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