Differing Abilities, and Special Talents in a DID System

We all know that different people are good at different things. You might be excellent at baking, whilst a friend is a star football player, and another has impressive communication skills. Everyone is different, and everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses.

What about strengths and weaknesses in someone with DID? This is where it gets interesting! I don’t think there’s much research to be found on it, but it seems that, within someone with DID, there are many talents, strengths, and special abilities.

In my system Miss and Mr Mid-twenties are excellent communicators, as well as being very patient, and nurturing. Mr Mid-twenties also has an amazing talent for organising, and managing day-to-day life.

Miss 5’s playful, and cheeky nature are things that I see as strengths. She can have fun, play, and enjoy life in a way that I struggle to do.

I’ve discovered that Miss 19 is our resident poet. I knew someone could write poetry, but had no idea who. I couldn’t string a poem together to save my life! However, when Miss 19 is out the words flow much more smoothly than anything I could write. I’m better at more academic type writing, which is how I do so well with university study.

Her latest poem (and one we’re both quite proud of) is about Bipolar II. It’s a diagnosis that’s becoming more, and more likely as time goes on. Repeated hypomanic episodes, followed by either periods of depression, or more stable mood continue to point towards this diagnosis. All of that roller coaster of a journey is for another post though.



Happy, smiling, laughing, free
Cranky, upset, guilty, needy
Crashing, crying, sad, and low
Up or down, you never know

Today is amazing
You’re high, not low
Tomorrow is looming
You still don’t know

It could be filled with fun and delight
Or you could be crying ready to die
Up and down, on and on
A merry-go-round you can’t get off

Fuck the world, I’ve had enough
Nothing is okay, nothing is right
I’ve had enough, keep out of sight
Watch out, I’ll explode with empty rage

Happy again, smiling too
Creative, energised, ready to go
Ideas, plans, so much to do
Anxiety gone, nothing to lose

Sad and low, hopeless too
Crashing, burning, going under
Ready to die, don’t care anymore
Wanting out, tired of existing.

5 thoughts on “Differing Abilities, and Special Talents in a DID System

  1. As I have lived with and watched the 7 girls in my wife’s network, the thing I see in them is their regional control of abilities. None of them control the entire spectrum of abilities that are naturally within an entire person. Yes, most of them excel at certain things, but the abilities are scattered among the 7, and two definitely control more abilities than the other 5. But as they heal and connect with each other, they are now able to piggyback onto the other girls abilities for things they don’t control on their own.

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