I feel like I’m continually explaining my lack if updates on this blog. It makes me sad because I love writing but haven’t been able to.

For the last few weeks I’ve been incredibly unwell and the end is not in sight. My GP isn’t sure what’s wrong with me but suspects a virus. I have a never ending sore throat, varying levels of pain and fatigue like you wouldn’t believe. At it’s worst lying in bed reading drains what energy I have. I have to put my book down and sleep because I can’t concentrate.

I’ve cancelled everything I possibly can. I’m eating well, drinking plenty, taking my multivitamin again, taking painkillers as needed but I’m not getting better. I can only hope that time and rest will help my body heal. Until then it’s highly unlikely that I’ll be updating this blog.


2 thoughts on “Sick.

  1. I hope they find out what’s wrong so you can start to feel better. I have M.E. and every day for me is just how you’ve described. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Fingers crossed, and warm thoughts for you.

    • A friend did wonder if that’s what it could be but for now u don’t know. I like to think its just a nasty virus and in another week or two ill be better!
      Thank you for caring 🙂

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