Making a Comeback.

It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything decent here, so my apologies for that. Having RSI in my wrist has been incredibly difficult for me, although I’m definitely past the constant pain – I just need to be careful and not overdo it. That means limited typing, writing and being super careful at work (I’m a supermarket cashier).

I recently bought a new Macbook Pro and it came with a dictation program which worked reasonably well. I was quite impressed given that the way I speak tends to send Siri (on my iPhone) into a tailspin! It’s meant I can chat to my friends online and do some journaling without having to type, but typing is still better!

Plenty has been happening in my world, (dot points cos it’s easier!) –

  • I’ve returned to work which is great, but a little tiring and certainly fills in my week.
  • I’ve had to face the loss of my Grandma again, despite her passing away in February. I face it, push it away, then it comes up again and again and again. The grief that follows isn’t getting easier to deal with.
  • My Christmas and New Years plans have been organised (pending time off work) which is a relief.
  • There’s been the usual ups and downs with everyone inside, but generally no on-ongoing chaos – once we can work out what’s wrong and work with whoever’s upset the issue usually settles quickly.

I’m sure there’s plenty more that’s been going on but I’m not going to try to remember it all! Despite over two months off work I have been incredibly busy. I’ve spent much more time with friends which has been lovely. Now there’s less time to spend with friends, but the income is nice – I’d completely run out of sick pay about a month into my time off.

I’m hoping to keep this blog updated more regularly now that I can type a decent amount without significant pain. Keep your eyes open – there will be a new post soon!


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