Temporary Leave of Absence.

I’m unable to write as much as I like due to a driving-me-nuts wrist injury. I thought it was just a strain and that rest would help, but no.. the doctor thinks it could be tendinitis. Typing, writing, sewing, doing anything is painful.

So, until my wrist is somewhat better I won’t be writing much here. Unless I get so desperate I type painstakingly slowly with one hand. It also means therapy homework is hard because writing hurts. Did I mention I hurt my right wrist and that I’m right handed?!

I leave you with this –


6 thoughts on “Temporary Leave of Absence.

  1. Get better Soon!!! Happy to know that you’d had such special memories from your health care system. I remember a few nice moments being in the hospital, but now most my memories have faded except learning how to have played Spades and one special male nurse who liked to “stir the pot!” New beginnings, right!?? We take what we like and leave the rest behind 🙂

    Our best,


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