Balancing Act.

Oh my goodness! I swear I haven’t felt so unwell with a cold for a long time. This one hit me hard but seems to be passing quickly. My throat was so sore I was conscious of every swallow, I couldn’t stop sneezing and I had absolutely no energy.

Yesterday I had two appointments – one with my registrar and case manager to review medication, and the other with my psychologist. I didn’t go to either. I stayed in bed sipping fruit and veggie juices, water and taking panadol. I even napped in the afternoon (right when I would have had therapy!).

Today I am feeling much better – I have much more energy and my throat doesn’t hurt nearly as much. I’ve done some more on a current craft project and sorted out my sea monkey set up. I’ve watched lots and lots of Touched by an Angel too. I used to watch that show loads when I was younger – now I’ve found it online! It’s a great time filler.

My Sea Monkeys make me smile! I have popped them in a one litre pet container (vented, easy-open lid)… added extra brine solution… added an air pump… and have popped my new digital thermometer in and am monitoring their temperature as we speak! They need 24-27 degrees to hatch within a day or so, so that’s what I’m aiming for. Hard to manage it given I don’t have a heater in there! I think once they’re hatched they’ll move to a spot next to the window.

Having Sea Monkeys (which are specially bred brine shrimp) has made me think about growing my own brine shrimp for my fish (to eat). I’m still thoroughly obsessed with tropical fish, aquariums, aquascaping – all of it! I LOVE it. Love, love, love. It’s a completely consuming (money and mind) hobby.

I love that I’m excited about things, that I can smile and laugh and feel good. I am making plans and doing things. I’m starting to work more now because the rules have changed for the disability pension I receive.

So this week I’m working eighteen hours and I think next week is fifteen hours. I am trying to be careful to balance my time and to allow time to myself so that I can rest, recover and continue on. I know I can do this for about a month because I’ll have a week off when I go to the respite place, that means one week off work which will be lovely!

I think learning how to pace yourself is very, very important in terms of recovery from a mental illness. Especially for those that tend to get burnt out (raises hand!). I know I get worn out very easily, and once Im worn out, maintaining my sanity is so much harder.

How do you pace yourself and maintain balance in your life?


One thought on “Balancing Act.

  1. Sorry to hear you are poorly too 😦
    I’m someone who will run myself into the ground and then get ill and spend days in bed with no energy to do anything else! I seem to have a low tolerance level of energy. Someone my age should definitely have more :/
    I used to have sea monkeys! I loved watching them 😀

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