Yummy, Yummy Food!

This post is going to be all about the yummy food I’ve been making! None of it is complicated, hard to make or time consuming. This is the flip side, for me, of having an eating disorder – I begin eating again and become excited about making and eating food.

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The following does touch on Eating Disorder thoughts and behaviours in a very general way – it may be triggering.

I can talk for hours about how much I love the food I’ve made. It’s so delicious and when I’ve made it it’s been exactly what I feel like eating. Eating is still a little hard. Sometimes I have absolutely no appetite and don’t want to eat anything. I found a solution to this  – buying exactly what I feel like eating. This varies from a packet of tim tams (yum!) to last night’s more balanced dinner (the pita pockets – also yum!).

Eating whatever I feel like scares me quite a bit. I’ve been worried that I’ll eat and eat and eat… and then gain a huge amount of weight. That hasn’t happened though – my weight has remained stable. I, somehow, don’t understand it, although I’m glad I haven’t gained.


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