Teddy Bears!

I’m wondering how many adults out there have a teddy bear? Sitting on your bed, the shelf, maybe tucked away somewhere it won’t be seen. Who’s got one?

I have many teddies and other soft toys. I’ll start by introducing you to the bear I was given when I was born. I don’t have a photo of what it originally looked like but it was pale pink with dense, fluffy fur and brown glass eyes. It had somehow been given the name “Tedden”. I think that may have been what I called it when I was learning to talk. I don’t remember it having any other name. Today, he/she is retired. My mother mailed it to my several years ago, years after I’d forgotten about it.

This is “Tedden”.

At around age twenty-one I’d start therapy with a new therapist and was struggling. A friend would often pick me up after sessions and I’d sit in her car, curled up on the front seat, not speaking, just sitting. She always had multiple care bears in her car and I would usually end up clutching a giant sized Cheer Bear. In the end she bought me my own – a strawberry scented Cheer Bear with specific instructions to take it to therapy with me!

I no longer have a photo of when this bear was new, but this is what she would have looked like:

An, as new, strawberry scented Cheer Bear (not my own).

So my own Cheer Bear began life with me as a therapy bear. Every single therapy session – she was there. Tucked into my bag before I left home, pulled out for the session then stuffed back into my bag for the journey home. This still happens. However, after three and a half years of “service” my bear was, uhhh, rather worn.

Cheer Bear before her makeover.

I’ve debated, in the last year or so, about getting her professionally cleaned and re-stuffed but I’ve never had much money and haven’t wanted to part with her. I’m not sure what made me do it, but I emailed a couple of businesses about quotes. Then Cheer Bear went away!

It was chaos inside – Miss 5 was devastated that her bear was gone. Although Cheer Bear was given to me, she has very much become Miss 5’s. If we go away, even for a night, Cheer bear comes. If we have to make a planned trip to the emergency department, Cheer Bear comes. It’s a great comfort for a five year old that’s scared of the world and for a twenty-something year old who needs some comforting.

So Cheer Bear was dropped off to be repaired and mailed back a week later. She even came back with a bow!

Cheer Bear after her makeover!

Miss 5 and I have Cheer Bear, although Miss 5 has an assortment of other soft toys she’s collected as well (regular trips to the op shop keep this collection under control!) but some of the others have their own toys too. Miss 7 has a beautiful handmade doll she’s called Misty. Miss 7 feels incredibly undeserving of this, but I’ve been quietly insistent that she keep the doll.  It has been sad that she refuses to play with it or have anything to do with the doll though, but maybe, one day, she will.

Miss 7’s doll Misty.

So, who’s got a soft toy or teddy they still play with, sleep with, take with them when they go away or anything else? I know I am not the only one!

10 thoughts on “Teddy Bears!

  1. thanks for sharing about some of your beloved stuffies ❤ we don't have any of our toys from babyhood, but we do have a small collection of bears and rabbits that we started aquiring about a year ago when i learned about the little insiders. 🙂 we cuddle with our bunny stuffle every night (his name is mr. fiddlesticks).
    i want a cheer bear too, i've always wanted one! i think i might have to get one now that i've met yours. ❤

    • Awww, neat!I think you need to post photos of some of your stuffed toys! We have a big purple, glittery stuffed bunny that I don’t think has been named yet. Cheer Bear is awesome, we love her so much!

  2. I do! 🙂 I still have my bear that was given to me when I was a baby – called Honey Bear…and I have a few other stuffed animals. My pound puppies finally died a few years ago and couldn’t be revived but I have a soft rabbit that I got for Easter one year instead of Easter eggs, and also a moose from when I lived in Canada.

      • Honey Bear has been hand washed a few times over the years and has also been re-stitched on several occasion, but for the most part she is in pretty good condition. She now sits on my book shelf and watches over me when I sleep.

  3. I not only still have a couple stuffed animals, I also have a couple dolls from my childhood. One is almost 50 years old.

      • I always have she’s very special to me because she looks a little like me when I was small, you keep those stuffed animals as long as you want, they are a piece of you and you have a heart connection to them.

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