My Respite Adventure!

Wow… respite was great! It’s lovely to be a bit sociable and do things I wouldn’t normally do. I also get plenty of time to myself before and after activities so it’s not too overwhelming. It’s in a lovely outer suburb with heaps of trees which makes it feel really nice and reminds me of living in the bush back home in Western Australia.

Near the respite centre.

Near the respite centre.

The respite centre (brown brick building).



On Monday we went to Frankston beach for the afternoon – such a perfect day for it! None of us went swimming but it was nice to get my feet wet and just wander the beach, spend some time in the sun. We went to a cafe there and got drinks… argh! I ordered an iced chocolate… once it was put in front of me I freaked. Then a worker asked if it was really sweet, said it looked sweet. I had maybe a quarter… *sigh* – fail. We came back from the beach and just bummed around for the afternoon. Very cruisey!

Frankston Beach

Frankston Beach

Frankston Beach – the water was so nice!



On Tuesday we had a picnic and went to the Melbourne Aquarium. Picnic was average – sitting by the Yarra (dirty brown river, lol) and being surrounded by seagulls because one of the other clients started feeding them! I’ve lived in melbourne for five and a half years and have never made it to the aquarium despite wanting to go. It was quite cool. Not keen on some of the tanks large fish are kept in, or the small enclosure for the penguins – but it was still good. Plus it was air conditioned and it was thirty-five (Celsius) here, so very nice!

Picnic by the Yarra

One of the many seagulls that gatecrashed our picnic!

Melbourne and the Yarra

An emperor penguin.

I can’t remember what these fish were called but how awesome!

Baby turtles.

How amazing are these jellyfish?!

Look at that ray – wow!



On Wednesday we went to the Healesville Sanctuary. It’s a great place, I’ve been once before when I first moved to melbourne in 2006. This time though – it was disappointing. There just wasn’t enough time allowed to see everything… or much of anything! I wanted to stay with the group instead of going off on my own. I didn’t want to get lost and it was more fun with other people. It was just… no time to see many animals! I got a few photos but nothing special. Didn’t get to see the koalas, the tasmanian devils, the wombats or echidnas. Disappointing. I know I’ve seen them all before, but it’s sucked not having enough time.

I do have a kinda cool video of the dingoes howling! It was a bit creepy but I’d never heard them howling before.


Dingo 😀

These birds were cute – one would swim around gathering twigs, and the other would add them to the nest!



Thursday (today) was our final day there and it was a busy morning… for the staff! After breakfasts everyone had to strip their beds whilst the staff remade them, then it was off to a park for a picnic before checking out a local gallery. The picnic was great – fantastic food today – salami, cheese and salad rolls with fruit salad afterwards! The gallery is one I’ve been to before with the respite centre as well as with a friend – the exhibitions on at the moment didn’t really interest me. The Faber Castell products in the gift shop did though! Ended up buying some colour changing textas, yay!

The park where we had our picnic.

The park where we had our picnic.


As the gallery was close to my house I took my bags with me and left the group there and caught a bus home. It means I’m home much sooner than I expected. It works well though because it gives me plenty of time to unpack, do washing, do house chores etc. I also came home to discover a late Christmas present form my sister (damn international postage!) as well as a new housemate! I knew she was moving in “soon”, but I didn’t know when and hadn’t met her before! Keeps life interesting!


5 thoughts on “My Respite Adventure!

  1. Respite sounds amazing! I could do with some of that…

    Did you go anywhere else in Healesville? My favourite winery…Innocent Bystander…is in Healesville. I know what you mean about the aquariums too. The Boy and I went to the Sydney one several months ago.

    I hope you are feeling rested and healthier and managed to get…well…respite. Thinking of you. xo.

    • Respite IS amazing! There are only a couple of places in Victoria, that I know of, but there should be some in other states too. We only went to the sanctuary in Healesville – not allowed to drink whilst in respite, lol, so no wineries.

      Thanks for caring!

      • Hehe…I figured no alcohol – but they have an amazing dining hall and super pizzas 😉 It’s something I’ve never looked into – I’m not even sure what the requirements / eligibility would be?! I have another GP appointment in a week and a half…I might ask about options. xo.

  2. I’m like you when I go to a public aquarium. I’m more fascinated by the displays of smaller tanks, the fish that we normally see in our tropical fish shops, but displayed so much better!

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